Submission Guidelines and Citing Style

Georgian Psychological Journal (GPJ) is an interdisciplinary and international journal devoted to scholarly articles dealing with the actual scientific problems of psychological disciplines. GPJ is the official journal of the TSU Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

GPJ  accepts  articles  regarding  the  theoretical  and  methodological  issues  and  the empirical studies. The journal has an international editorial board.

General Information

 -   Eacharticle accepted for consideration by Editorial Council, passes reviewing. After reviewing article can be accepted for publication, or can be sent to the author for completion, or can be rejected.
-    Articles undergo anonymous (double-blind) external review. The reviewers are social scientists working at different Georgian and foreign universities outside of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, whose competence and academic interests coincide with the content of the manuscript.

-    Articles can be submitted in English or Georgian language.

-    The journal for the submission accepts only one article from one author.

-    Within one year one number of the journal issued.

-    All  kind  of  expenses,  including  reviewing,  examination  and  publication  of  the  articles  are subsidized by TSU Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. For authors publication of the article is free of charge.

Rules for publication of articles

-    The articles are accepted in format, page size-A4.

-    English font should be - Times New Roman; Georgian – UNICODE Arial Geo. Font size 12pt, line spacing  -  single;  Number  of  words for rubrics - Theory and methodology; Empirical researches; Interdisciplinary studies - max.  3000 words  (without  abstract,  personal information, key words and bibliography). Number  of  words for rubric-Reviews, Comments–1000-1500;

-    Paragraph indentation: first line-1cm; alignment-justified;

-    Margins: 2cm-top, right, left, bottom; 1cm-header, 1,3cm-footer;

-    Language - It is required that submitted manuscripts should be written in a clear language, free of grammar and linguistic errors. Grammar errors in the manuscript will not be tolerated.

-    Citation and bibliography – Submitted manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with APA standards.  The  authors  should  use  either  Microsoft  Word’s  bibliography  tool  or  reference management software (e.g. Zotero,RefMan, Endnote, JabRef). The references should be presented on a separate page; unpublished works are not referenced, except for the defended dissertations.

-    Please  refer  to  the  ‘Publication  manual  of  the  American  psychological  association’  for  the
detailed guidelines.

The article should comprise following information:

-    Thematic classification. Please, choose one or two thematic blocks from the list:

        Theory and methodology
        Empirical researches
        Interdisciplinary studies
        Reviews, Comments

-    Title of the article (center, bold, size 14pt).

-    Information about author (coauthor): Surname, Name of author and coauthor (center, size 12pt); Name  and  address  of  organizations,  in  which  the  authors  work  (center,  size  10pt);  Contact Inforamtion.

-    Abstract  - Number of words: max 500 words. If it is not absolutely necessary, please do not use
citation (indentation before text = 2cm, justify, italic, size 11pt).

-    Key  words– Four  or  five  key  words  describing  the  topic  of  the  article  and  utilized theoretical
concepts.  Please  do  not  use  abbreviations  and  vague  terms  (align  text  left,  bold, indentation  before text = 2cm, italic,size 12pt).

-    The article should be divided into paragraphs, subparagraphs if necessary.

-    If article contains figures or drawings:  The drawing should be near to the appropriate text; Drawing should have an inscription; In case of formatting a material, the drawing should be moved with the text; Drawing should be displayed on the screen without defects (resolution 96-150dpi).

-    In the end specify amount of figures, amount of the diagrams and amount of the tables.

 Submission of Articles:

An article should be sent by